Di Ciero Advogados provides consultancy and litigation services works in all of its speciality areas of Law. We employ the best legal practices to prevent litigation and look for intelligent solutions for cases where our clients  are involved in.

We have over 25 years of experience in everything aviation related. We are a reference law firm in Aviation Law here in Brazil. We have not only a considerable amount of experience but also highly specialised staff. We have  both Brazilian and international clients, and do everything from legalising new airlines to operate, to routine matters such as employment claims, customs issues, regulatory, tax and corporate matters, drafting and follow-up on contracts and  passenger complaints.

Di Ciero Advogados manages a substantial Civil Law caseload. The multidisciplinary team at our firm is highly qualified to handle everything from Consumer Law litigation to individual cases of greater importance and complexity that  may involve strategic issues for our clients.

Di Ciero Advogados has a highly qualified  team assisting our clients in a wide variety of tax-related matters, in administrative  tribunal and court proceedings. We provide preventive assistance approach in tax matters and offer client companies studies, enabling them to avoid breaching the law and issues with the tax authorities.

Di Ciero Advogados has extensive experience in Customs Law. We provide consulting services to analyze regulations governing foreign trade operations and special customs procedures for import and export transactions. We act in the defense of the interests of companies in cases where penalties are imposed by tax and customs inspectors.

The dedicated legal team working on employment cases at Di Ciero Advogados provide advice to clients, identifying issues that might become liabilities in the future. We handle all types of litigation involving the labor courts, trade unions and industry representatives.

Di Ciero Advogados provides legal consultancy in real estate transactions of various kinds and in bringing the real estate assets of its clients into good standing. Our range of services begins with a diagnosis of the asset scenario and includes legal assistance for the purchase, sale, donation, and lease of properties; real estate tax consultancy related to issues involving ITBI, IPTU, and income tax on capital gains; and guidance on restrictions affecting properties. We also work on the regularization of ownership and possession, as well as judicial and extrajudicial adverse possession actions and compulsory adjudication.

The team of professionals at Di Ciero Advogados works on the prevention and resolution of conflicts related to family relationships and division of property. we handle succession planning, assist in the drafting of public and private wills, and represent our clients in judicial and out of court probate proceedings, guiding them and representing them in actions challenging the calculations for inheritance tax and planning the income tax levied on capital gains resulting from successions.

Di Ciero Advogados work to defend entrepreneurs, providing advice  on corporate organization, deciding on the best legal model for the business and aiming for a good relationship between the partners. We offer consulting services for mergers and acquisitions of companies, from drafting contracts through to due diligence. Our law firm assists companies in structuring compliance rules, setting up boards of directors and consultative bodies, and drafting good corporate governance practices. We work on the legal reorganization of companies, representing clients in judicial and extrajudicial bankruptcy protection proceedings. We provide business succession planning advice.

Di Ciero Advogados acts in matters involving Regulatory and Administrative Law, providing legal advice for drafting contracts with the government,  preparing clients for public tenders, analysing regulatory issues, submissions to the Brazilian Antitrust Agency (Cade), and in relationships with regulatory agencies at the municipal, state and federal levels.

Di Ciero Advogados acts in matters of Environmental Law before the courts and administrative tribunals. Our team of lawyers is well qualified to liaise with regulatory agencies at the municipal, state and federal levels, in line with the international context and the policies adopted by Brazil.

In the field of Maritime Law, Di Ciero Advogados has a multidisciplinary approach, in dialogue with aspects of Commercial, Civil, Tax, Corporate, Security, Environmental and Administrative Law. We represent our clients with the Port Authority and Maritime Courts. We have expertise in operations  in the oil and gas industry. We provide legal advice on compliance issues, judicial and extrajudicial disputes, arbitration, contracts, foreign trade, establishing shipping companies, customs procedures, employment claims, waterway and multimodal transport, insurance, construction and financing contracts for vessels, registering shipowners and vessels with the Brazilian Special Registry (REB). We also handle cases involving shipping accidents and incidents.

Di Ciero Advogados provides legal advice for copyright protection, trademarks, patents, geographical indications, industrial designs, software, domains, franchises, technology transfer and any other issues related to intellectual property and management of intangibles. We represent our clients in lawsuits related to unfair competition. Our team is able to manage contracts and intangibles  using an automation system for case management and monitoring (Apol System).