Inspired by excellence

The thing that inspires and drives the work of the professionals team at Di Ciero Advogados is customer satisfaction. We are committed meeting the quality standards and exceeding the expectations of those who come to us for any of our specialties. We believe in practicing Law ethically and responsibly, safety and creatively in the search for the best solutions. That is why we are a benchmark at the market and recognized by our clients as a highly reliable law firm. The excellence of our work translates into three values, of which we are proud.


Our clients are Di Ciero Advogados’ main partners. We understand that it is our obligation to keep you fully up-to-date on how cases and work are progressing. The preservation of professional confidentiality and the commitment to truth are premises upon which our partnerships are grounded, as a basis for relationships based on mutual trust.


Di Ciero Advogados works towards solutions and results, offering complete services for everything from consulting to litigation. Under the responsibility of the partner running the area, our teams of lawyers act preventively to identify possible future litigation and look for intelligent solutions. Meeting deadlines agreed with our clients and the provision of excellent services is a key part of our work.

Highly qualified staff

Di Ciero Advogados has a team of highly motivated professionals,  to ensure the success of our clients, who are able to solve everything from the simplest to the most complex and challenging issues. This is possible thanks to practical experience and ongoing training of talents. With their degrees and postgraduate studies at the most renowned law schools in Brazil, our staff are constantly studying to hone their academic and professional skills.